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1. Doubt about the truth of something
2. The disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge


mental rejection

This is how it is written and defined in the most usefully ever made computer program helping me in writing in the computer, wordweb says about skepticism in first glance.

My first attempt of looking a meaning of a rarely meeting word starts from this small pragmatic program which gives me enough meaning all the time to fulfill my curiosity. But nevertheless this isn’t sufficient when I am coming back to my desk with some notes from Hegel. Isn't it so cute to mention Hegel here ?
The Accessible Hegel

Or if I have started to listen a lecture on the web … Skepticism, Naturalism, and Nihilism in Hegel’s Early Jena Writings of course the meaning of the skepticism merging with many many words in a vanishing singularity. It will become a discourse merely clean cut with the dictionary definition.

Though I want to see how skepticism enters into my thoughts is the most important thing to me. When I was very first encountering this word is sometimes back in my university time when I was starting to read philosophy for my curiosity. Those were the days that my life was determined by the leaders of the student union and their leaders reside outside the campus. It was merely a chain of commandments. It was the time we were parallel swimmers of the knowledge ocean. What made really on us was to surf tons of books in the library to research bulk knowledge on Marxism, was I writing it right? Yes that was the time we were in deep study of the roots of Marxism and social reforming strategies. We were freely surfing through the clouds of words and manifestos.

I really learnt the skepticism not from a scrap of book but it was the time our whole life is very much undetermined, uncertain and finally full of skeptical!

We never knew what the real truth was, still I don’t , and what we have to trust at the end of the day.

So my skepticism has more meaning than what it means to you.

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