Yesterday was ended by today morning; sharply one and half hours later the midnight, I could hardly managed to swim into the ocean of my bed. The things have changed to appear in front of me ever since the moment I closed my eyes. Its not a single dream but an enormous amount of chain dreams. Some dreams were merged into others without any boundary or margin, but exist at the same time in different detailing levels. 

Last couple of months I spend without having any memory of a dream. I may have dreamed lot, but nonetheless I could recall at the dawn. But, today morning I could recall everything like high definition movie, it is quite strange too. 

First phase of my dream started from an accidental shot of a bunch of people busy with operating a cine camera and the actors were kept in a dark background illuminated by very sharp and point lights hanging over the ceiling where could be hardly spotted the fixing arrangements; its complete dark above the scene. I was behind the camera team, little far from them, reaching behind without their attention. I saw in the side, there were some actors rushed into the scenes, sitting in a row, similar appearing their waiting to public hospitals out patient department area. One famous actress suddenly stand out from the raw, actually it was her chance to enter into the stage, where the scenes were continuously capturing. 

I noticed that the fat woman sitting beside the camera ordered the team to stop the camera to save some film reals, and take a look at that actress who appeared in front of the camera whispering she has worn the wrong costume for the take. The fat woman, with her enormously large round shoulders were seem to be shaking in refusal, and shouting at her art director. 

I turned my self back and stepped out to the lighted area just the entrance of the studio. I saw some people are just above the ceiling level, in higher embankment operating a shovel to push sand on this studio ceiling and this studio appeared to be in the level below the ground surface because of this earth moving operation. I can not see any good reason to dump sand around that studio while some people are really doing some camera operations inside of the enclosure. 

Due to this soiling operation, I suddenly noticed that the soil was seeping some kind of a thin liquid from its bottom layer towards the shooting hut. I move towards this soil dumping and had a very close look at what was mixed with soil in such moisture. Those tiny liquid things were many sizing worms! Blue, red, violet, rose and green colored tiny worms were scattering inside the soil mass which is continuously poured into the sides of the studio. 

I thought something is going wrong here, and I ran back to my initial direction to inform the gang inside the enclosure to run out from this to save their lives without trapping inside and buried alive below the layer of soil. When I was running inside the studio, the studio itself seem to be expanding in every direction and become a very larger place compared to the previous observation and most importantly worms had surfaced the walls from top to bottom like electrical wires wrapped all around. I had no time to surprise and enjoy the traumatic feeling, I experienced the large diameter worms were emerging all around and they are moving across the air like wire strands of different textures with moisture colors. 

I wanted to save the team but they were carrying out there shooting without any attention into the worms or the physical evolution happening around them. All the walls and the spaces were filled with growing worms in size and they were dragging many things from the earth below. I saw a dark shining venomous creatures were trapped with worms and flow with their movements towards somewhere I can not see. All the worms were travelling towards a warp like point in space but could not see in the space where it was actually entering and finishing. It was more or less looked like a hypothetical black hole  with gigantic attraction make them move towards its center. 

The diameters of the worms growing much larger with time and soon I could see the things flow inside their body, appearing small fish, flowers and other various colorful debris. I could not see any harm from the worms to anyone in the dream other than the irritating feeling of seeing such creatures were passing to a realm, a different realm from ours by an accident.

They were trespassing our realm to enter into their own realm by accident. 

SDOF & John Galt

I was thinking that yesterday's write up made me bit amused to continue to writing. Hence I was actually waiting till the message appearing in my inbox just to start today' quota. So I had something in mind to write; so here it goes.

When I actually realized that I was really fed up with my writing habit, actually it wasn't having any truth till I re-realized it myself. This made me somehow to manage my readings last night. I delicately managed two hours of bed reading on Atlas Shrugged, and watch the movie while in the mood of John Galt. I astonished by the screen adaptation of the novel. It was simply a marvelous endeavor. I couldn't easily capture the similarities and the dissimilarities of the script with the novel text with respect to the dialogues. They were the same. But when I was into Esio Trot, the movie becomes drastically changed as it contains lot more incidents to make it cinematic rather to a 56 paged children's story book. This made me to realize the cinematic experience need more tension than the fiction itself, but in the case of Atlas Shrugged, it was gloriously filled with suspense or super tension spread all over the pages more than enough to capture into a single movie. I like both the techniques how they have managed to Ying-Yang the media. Still I am trying to figure out the case of John Galt, but it's related to the Real, of course the Lacanian Real! Need more revisiting of Slavoj Zizek to find out the core of Ayn Rand. I love this kind of self affirmation.

Where I have stopped the already started Around the world in eighty days journey frozen? I was somewhere the caretaker starting to look at the inside hideouts of the palace like place where protagonist lived. He was so curious about that giant house but I was not able to continue into what the assistant got by his investigations roaming around. May be today I will read some more on this; can't say much at this moment. I have only eight days remaining for my Foundation Engineering examination. So I have to struggle with primary consolidation and elastic deformation more than literary investigations right now.
In the other hand, how should I continue the pursuing of my new job? Have to wait till the new employer calls me with new visa; it is totally beyond my control. What I can do now is to purchase more Dimicron from pharmacy. Hopefully Salim will reach me within next couple of hours to drive me to Grand Mall.

Who is John Galt remains the same way as I stopped by yesterday. Nobody can stop the same line by the same line each day. Want to find new methods of killing novel characters is a challenge to every writer, so my problem relies on the same grounds. How can I end up this scrap?

I was trying to find the real meaning of SDOF, or Single Degree of Freedom system’s real physical meaning. I still perceive it in a mathematical level of idealization but same as in the reality of physical world. Can we say if someone has one deformation in any one direction under the physical restraints around him could be termed as Single Degree of Freedom situation? I never see a single individual could have been categorically placed as such. I always find people or persona with many Freedoms of Deformations. I capitalized some of those because I needed to emphasize the depth of those words.

Let me say, even more honest way, SDOF doesn't even exist in reality in mathematical foundations as well! Is it true? I don't know. No structure could have a single deformation under single acceleration on earth, where that much pure motion; hypothetically yes, but mathematically, even yes. So I must say that mathematical idealization is not far from the hypothetical stage but in reality, it is impossible to find such dynamic system. But to be honest do we need all factors to encounter for a particular instance of dynamic behavior to predict the worst scenario? NO!

We are looking at the most significance phenomena only to predict the worst outcome of a dynamic system, or any system. Who cares about minor effects that make adding single millimeter to a large deformation measured in meters?

I like this thinking of prioritizing the effects. I want to look at the big picture, in particular phenomena, not the minor effects or their impacts.

Who is John Galt?

I am bit in the mids of Atlas Shurgged, Esio Trot and Around the world in eighty days!; a combination that has nothing in common, apparently, but inside me its getting scrambled. I never know the author Roald Dahl till I accidentally exposed to the gaze of this tiny book packed in a huge shelf of Lulu supermarket at stationary section. I was just killing time to wait till the Ooredoo to open the counter to upgrade my internet connection to 150GB plan because the plan with 75GB had exceeded its limits due to increase of downloading movies during last month. It was the last Friday, hence for the prayers they had closed the counter, so I had to wait outside the mall.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting.

This made me to take a little walk through the mall, through shelves of various domestic products and huge number of various people. This walk had not any directive; of course it was just to kill some time, approximately three hours! Three hours time passage was never a small time bit at all.

First I went to the E-max shop for electronics and bought a flash drive of 8GB for the kid I would see in that evening in celebrating his eighth year. I wanted to gift him couple of books and some videos. Videos would have gone in the flash drive, so it was purchased. Then I have other nearly two hours to spend there in the mall, so I stepped towards the stationary section, without any clear idea of buying something for that kid. I already had purchased the books that I was about to gift him in the evening. I was roaming through some children books, all around scattered, disordered with Chetan Bhagat, and all the sizes of dictionaries from mini, pocket, concise and academic. So the punch line hit me at this particular dry vision on the shelf. I noticed this book with fairly unusual name, Esio Trot, and the author's name even more confusing at first glance, Roald Dahl, I was reluctantly forced to get the book in hand and open the first bits of pages. All of a sudden, a thunder flashed across my forehead giving a dash shot idea through, by seeing the couple of very last pages, OK, I will buy this book! I saw some writing hints by the author made me to count the book in mind to purchase, and of course the simple graphics spread all over the pages with childish accent in caricature wise. This made my life easy as it was nearly spent ninety minutes on the process and now I am ready to change my internet plan with Ooredoo!

Roald Dahl became one gigantic neuron evoking children literature into my three pounds of brain, actually it was two pounds before editing this for the second time!, and Googled to prevent the neuron becoming isolated in the grey matter around its emergence. I am happy with the choice I made at the supermarket. Literally neurons can emerge in such a way I depicted, but in reality it will not, never mind, this whole thing is literal at the end of the writing.

I never knew the protagonist of "Around the world in eighty days"; Phileas Fogg has anything common with me. Other than the isolation, being isolated with himself, or total withdrawal from the existing society, (but being a member of Reform Club), a fact common to Mr. Hoppy of Esio Trot, Phileas Fogg was the real character I can admire right by this moment to completely coinciding with my misery. Will it be true? We cannot acquire the truth that much easily, so investigation of the truth about that fact could be postponed infinitely. 

So the Atlas Shrugged emerged in the mean time, I don’t remember how it exactly pop out in mind, but now the two movie segments of Part 1 in 2011 and Part II in 2012 are packed in my hard disk to watch later, and in the mean time epub version is opened in my tab for continues reading. I have my hard-copy of Atlas Shrugged in my room at southern corner. Nonetheless, I had found the inter relationships of the works by Ayn Rand and Jules Verne and Roald Dahl, in my unconscious mind (who knows or who cares?), to be honest didn’t come into words yet, but hopefully within this life time I could be able to disgorge the best version of my truth about them. Particularly, truth has no versions!

In such truth what will be the role of Quentin Blake, the illustrator of Roald Dahl? Or the role of Jean Passepartout, the servant of Phileas Fogg? or the roles of some characters in Atlas Shrugged railway business? Or anything right now I am busy with? Earthquake engineering calculations which I am preparing heavily to answer the examination questions on seventh day of May 2015?  

Finally, SDOF or single degree of freedom systems? Who is John Galt?