Yesterday was ended by today morning; sharply one and half hours later the midnight, I could hardly managed to swim into the ocean of my bed. The things have changed to appear in front of me ever since the moment I closed my eyes. Its not a single dream but an enormous amount of chain dreams. Some dreams were merged into others without any boundary or margin, but exist at the same time in different detailing levels. 

Last couple of months I spend without having any memory of a dream. I may have dreamed lot, but nonetheless I could recall at the dawn. But, today morning I could recall everything like high definition movie, it is quite strange too. 

First phase of my dream started from an accidental shot of a bunch of people busy with operating a cine camera and the actors were kept in a dark background illuminated by very sharp and point lights hanging over the ceiling where could be hardly spotted the fixing arrangements; its complete dark above the scene. I was behind the camera team, little far from them, reaching behind without their attention. I saw in the side, there were some actors rushed into the scenes, sitting in a row, similar appearing their waiting to public hospitals out patient department area. One famous actress suddenly stand out from the raw, actually it was her chance to enter into the stage, where the scenes were continuously capturing. 

I noticed that the fat woman sitting beside the camera ordered the team to stop the camera to save some film reals, and take a look at that actress who appeared in front of the camera whispering she has worn the wrong costume for the take. The fat woman, with her enormously large round shoulders were seem to be shaking in refusal, and shouting at her art director. 

I turned my self back and stepped out to the lighted area just the entrance of the studio. I saw some people are just above the ceiling level, in higher embankment operating a shovel to push sand on this studio ceiling and this studio appeared to be in the level below the ground surface because of this earth moving operation. I can not see any good reason to dump sand around that studio while some people are really doing some camera operations inside of the enclosure. 

Due to this soiling operation, I suddenly noticed that the soil was seeping some kind of a thin liquid from its bottom layer towards the shooting hut. I move towards this soil dumping and had a very close look at what was mixed with soil in such moisture. Those tiny liquid things were many sizing worms! Blue, red, violet, rose and green colored tiny worms were scattering inside the soil mass which is continuously poured into the sides of the studio. 

I thought something is going wrong here, and I ran back to my initial direction to inform the gang inside the enclosure to run out from this to save their lives without trapping inside and buried alive below the layer of soil. When I was running inside the studio, the studio itself seem to be expanding in every direction and become a very larger place compared to the previous observation and most importantly worms had surfaced the walls from top to bottom like electrical wires wrapped all around. I had no time to surprise and enjoy the traumatic feeling, I experienced the large diameter worms were emerging all around and they are moving across the air like wire strands of different textures with moisture colors. 

I wanted to save the team but they were carrying out there shooting without any attention into the worms or the physical evolution happening around them. All the walls and the spaces were filled with growing worms in size and they were dragging many things from the earth below. I saw a dark shining venomous creatures were trapped with worms and flow with their movements towards somewhere I can not see. All the worms were travelling towards a warp like point in space but could not see in the space where it was actually entering and finishing. It was more or less looked like a hypothetical black hole  with gigantic attraction make them move towards its center. 

The diameters of the worms growing much larger with time and soon I could see the things flow inside their body, appearing small fish, flowers and other various colorful debris. I could not see any harm from the worms to anyone in the dream other than the irritating feeling of seeing such creatures were passing to a realm, a different realm from ours by an accident.

They were trespassing our realm to enter into their own realm by accident. 

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