Dictionary vs Diary

A Dictionary will become a Diary if someone is having misunderstood words daily!

Yes that’s true, today I will start with some thought provoking idea [to me it is such; may be for you it will not!], so it is done. Please see the first line again.

How can be a dictionary becoming a diary? Or vice versa.

Dictionary has its own rules of arranging its information. The Alphabet! Yes, everything is ordered in alphabetical order. So there isn’t a fuss.

Is there any possibility to convert a diary into a dictionary?

Yes it is; nobody wants to see it like that, but, all the days once fixed and ordered in the ascending pattern of its Julian alphabet, it will become a dictionary. All the days will contain sequentially; such information of the meanings of what the day resulted to the one who writes the diary!

But why should I take Julian instead of Gregorian? We actually use Gregorian calendar internationally…


May be because Gregorian Alphabet actually exists. :) I think there exists a language called Gregorian. i dont know, pls google it... 

So to avoid confusion being ordering events in a diary following an alphabet that really existing, I choose Julian Alphabet! Come on … give me a brake!

Julian alphabet: is there anything existing called Julian Alphabet?

Here after, it will exist, as I have defined such thing in this blog, but nevertheless you can’t find such anywhere else other than here; you can Google it, if you are not in trust with my word!

Anyway if such thing exist what I called, Julian alphabet, how it will look like? So as I said this is only a thought provoking one; so I am not detailing how to find this Julian dates by numerals. In fact it is a long equation just easy only for a crocodile to digest…

Anyway if such thing exist what I called, Julian alphabet, how it will look like?

4/23/10 Friday
4/24/10 Saturday
4/25/10 Sunday

But I am hiding where it starts or ends… totally misunderstood ends… pardon me.

So, to be honest, may be that is the reason nobody has defined Julian Alphabet yet…
Oh no! , devils are playing where god’s absence, or where the god fears to play there the devil starts dancing. In the absence, God is playing dice, may be.

From start of first day [probably - (1/1/infinity)]

4/23/10 Friday
4/24/10 Saturday
4/25/10 Sunday

To end of the last day [probably + (12/31/infinity)]

12/31/infinity: will this be a Friday? usually we keep everything in peace at the weekend... who can not say world finds its end on a Friday? and what about 1/1/infinity? i know your answer! Monday!!

So the day line is starting from [exactly] January first of minus infinity and ends at December thirty first of plus infinity!

What a great solution for the time paradox or time misunderstood! Who knows, before big bang, whether time existed or not? Till someone disapproves that the time wasn’t exist, I can sleep well with this equation in mind. Big bang happened only 14 billion years ago, just a small fraction of time compared to the infinity!

But nobody knows what infinity is!!

Another misunderstood word. You can just imagine the largest number and add another one into it, so still you are far behind the infinity!!! So don’t try to find infinity, it is a[n] bottomless abyss, yes an abyss.

This teaches us how simple to create a Dictionary but not Diary!

Though, I suggest most beautiful thing lies on this diary is the meaning that we will put into each day. Still it must have some meaning through the journey of life.

"God does not play dice" or "God does not play dice with the universe"

Einstein said these words hearing the Quantum Phenomena governs by the probability. Even though Hawking now little hesitant why he rejected that total idea like this… yes it is a matter of probability finally. It is the only tool still we have to understand the quasi level behavior of existence.

Now the book, I just keep on my eye here:

In order to explain the idea of that I and other people have had about how quantum mechanics may affect the origin and fate of the universe, it is necessary first to understand the generally accepted history of the universe, according to what is known as the ‘hot big bang model’. This assumes that the universe is described by a Friedmann model, right back to the big bang. In such models one finds that as the universe expands any matter or radiation in it gets cooler. (When universe doubles in size, its temperature falls by a half.) Since temperature is simply a measure of the average energy -or speed-of the particles, this cooling of the universe would have a major effect on the matter in it.

A Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawking

A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes

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