Language: has never started!

“Since the word is inaccurate, it is crossed out. Since it is necessary, it remains legible.”
Translator’s Preface: Of Grammatology, Derrida

Today I am thinking something we debated last night; exactly we debated in the last evening till we were exhausted.

Language, the best tool ever man made and [(n)ever] never ever understood its mechanism!

Someone says the Grammar is the dominant.

And to someone the communication is though...

and to some other one it is almost for action, movement, thought, reflection, consciousness, unconsciousness, experience, affectivity etc.

So what is language?

We can’t end it though it has never started. The sign makes all the difference, who knows exactly?

වචනය සහ දෙය හෝ සිතුවිල්ල කිසි දිනෙක ඒකත්වයට පත් නොවෙයි
ඒ ත්‍රිත්වය කිසි දිනෙක එකක් බවට පත් නොවෙයි

වර්ඩ් ඇන්ඩ් word and
තිං ඕ thing or
තෝට් thought
නෙවර් ඉන් ෆැක්ට් never in fact
බිකම් වන් become one

අපව සිහි කැඳවන we are reminded of
නැවත කියවන්නට යොමු කරවන referred to
වචනවල සම්මුතිය what the convention of words
පොදු එකඟතාවය
කොහොමද ගොඩනගන්නේ sets up as
දෙයක් thing
හෝ or
සිතුවිල්ලක් thought
වචනවලම කිසියම් පිළිවෙලකින්. by a particular arrangement of words.
 The structure of the reference works and can go on working not because of the identity between these two so-called component parts of the sign, but because of their relationship of difference.

The sign marks a place of difference.

Abstracted from Gayatri Spivak, Translator’s Preface: Of Grammatology, Derrida

Of Grammatology

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