Nudity: A version of poetry

Sabina defines Beauty here in The Unbearable Lightness of Being as:

“Unintentional beauty. Yes. Another way of putting it might be ‘beauty by mistake’. Before beauty disappears entirely from the earth, it will go on existing for a while by mistake. ‘Beauty by mistake’ –the final phase in the history of beauty.”

Yesterday one of our friend send a poem, it’s all about his political paradigm shift and the causes behind that in a metaphoric way. If I say like that, nobody will get the fact what I mean, still some people are not well prepared to catch such a glitchy happening in Sri Lanka, because nobody is bound to a single or minimum betray for Other or outsider, though dual political thought at least for a duration of few days prevails in each individual. It is impossible to find a human who has both feet in a single land nowadays. They all plan for a shift in near future, that’s the phenomena always [this “always” term is only valid till the cabinet is being selected , believe me] apply to the opposition party members in general. Alas this can be proved very easily with one politician; she changed her party in three different “isms” in a single day! Wow!! It’s a record, I mean a Guinness record.

That’s how Sri Lankan political arena, in a glance, behaves before and after an election. I would like to give a "brief" one-to-one translation of the poem [instead of letter to letter , word by word- transliteration] that our fellow send to us and the sudden reaction came over the people, were fascinating though. Many thoughtful ideas left behind, so I decided to copy some of the bombshells came through poetically sudden provocation texts which were originated by the crowd; throw into this post in mimicking something beyond our sensational way. May be that will give enough fun; or can remember joyously; by the way of this rat run today. Isn’t it?

කාල් මාක්ස්ට

යෝධ වලසුන් පෙනේ මට
අප ගොදුරු කරනට එන
නෙත් ලබා දුන්නේ නුඹයි
දකින්නට ඒ මහ ව්‍යසන

වෛරස බැක්ටීරියාවෝ ද
සිටිති තව අපමණ
සියුමුව පෙනී නොපෙනී
සියොලඟම විස පතුරන
ඔබෙන් ලද නෙත් දෙකට හසු නොවන

අන්වීක්ෂද රැගෙන
ආ නමුත් තව අය
වස බැනුම්මය ලැබුනේ
ඔබේ අඳ බැතියන්ගෙන්

මහ වලස් අතවර
නොපෙනෙන සතුරන්ට පවරා
වලස් රැළ සුරකින
ප්‍රතිගාමී වලස් ගැත්තෝ...

අසා දැනගත්තේ මම
ඔබ‍ට නොපෙනුන
බැක්ටීරියාවන්ගේ වැඩ ගැන

ඉසුරු ප්‍රසංග

To Karl Marx

Seems to me great bears
Who come to hunt us
You gave eyes
To see those great disasters

Virus and bacteria
More than exist unaccountably
Sharply illusions; hide and seek
Will spread venom in whole body
Your given eyes can’t see

Bringing microscopes
Some other came across
Were drained in lingo
Of your blind followers

Harassment of great bears
Turn the faith onto unobservant
The great bear’s protectors
Anti-communist bear followers

From, though, anti-communists
Taught me about virus and bacteria
Which you couldn’t see
Their activity in discourse

Isuru Prasanga

Poem dictates the metaphor of Karl Marx to signify the proletariat class’s obvious most active leadership in Sri Lanka, the previous standing party of the poet and his experience in leaving that stand and entering into another party of which headed by another big one who left the same party on many disciplinary disputes and betrayals due to his stubborn uses of his fame as the head of the party’s educational sector and major public speaker. This really depicts where the poet is standing now and its consequences related to whitewash his distinguish predator and making opportunity to take advantage of his capability to clear the path to the higher levels of his personal carrier. This was the central debated idea circulated among the astonishing email exchange by the way in various forms of expressions.

I will illustrate some of the reactions down here. Enjoy!

From Koombiya:

මේක හරි අපූරු කාලයක්...
අශ්වයෝ කවි ලියන
කවියෝ රේස් දුවන.....

අනේ කාල් මාක්ස්
මට දෙන්න ඔක්සිජන් ඩිංගක්....

මෙහෙමයි... ඉසුරුට තමන් ළඟම ඉන්න මෙගා සයිස් කැණහිලාව පේන්නෙ නෑ... අන්වීක්ෂ බයිනොකියුලර් නැතුවට අපිටනං සතාව පේනවා මචෝ... ඇත්තටම උඹලා මේ වගේ කවි ලියද්දි අපිට හරිම විනෝදයි මචං...

කොහොමහරි ඔය කොළා වගේ තව ටිකක් කඩේ ගිහිල්ලා විමල් වීරවංශව ජනාධිපති කරගනිං... එතකොට අපිට පුළුවං උඹේ මේ වගේ කවි ඉස්කෝලවල පාඩම් පොත් වලින් අපේ ළමයින්ට කියලා දෙන්න....

සුබ පැතුම් ඉසුරු.... සුබ පැතුම්....!!!

My dear,
This is a fantastic time…
Horses writing poems
Poets running races…

Alas, Karl Marx
Give me a bit of Oxygen

Well… Isuru cant see the Megha Sized fox near to him… we can see the animal even without microscopes or binocurlars machan… really we enjoy to the fullest reading your poems in this sense machan…

Anyway the way you did so far , continue the same and make Wimal Weerawansha the next president… then of course we can teach these nature of your poems to our children once they come in the printed form of the government text books.

Come on! wish you good luck!

Isuru Prasanga said:
එක එක්කෙනාට එක එක සත්තුන්ව එක එක විදිහට පේනවා අපි ඔහොම බලාගෙන ඉමු
Various people will see differently each animal, So we stare on!

Malathi Ambrose said:
හැබැයි සතා සතාමයි ...නේද ඉසුරු ? :)
By the way animal remains same …isn’t it Isuru? 

Koombiya said:
විමල් ගැන කියද්දි උඹ හරි ආඳා නේ? (හිනා)
හරි හරී ගේම ගහගනිං ජීවත් වෙන්ඩත් එපැයි කොල්ලෙක් වුනහම...

You will easily slip off when it is about Wimal ha? (laughing)
Ok ok carry on your game, there must be some way to live your life making use of your youth isn’t it?

Isuru Prasanga said:
එහෙමත් නැත්නම් ඔයාලගෙ විප්ලවීය දේසපාලනයෙන් විප්ලවීය කවි වලින් විප්ලවීය් බූන්දි වලින් කැනහිලා පරාජය කරන්න;;; අපේ සුබ පැතුම්; ජයවෙවා

In the other hand you can do your revolutionary politics and revolutionary poems and revolutionary Boondi to eradicate the fox [the beast], our best wishes, bravo!


Beyond this point it was so clinical and pointless seem to be the outcomes hence we will stop this drama in this point but enough joyance is there to enjoy!

This is the brief scenario of the contemporary poets, writers and artists in Sri Lanka. They need to sleep with the dog and soon after they want to make up themselves and perfumed themselves that not to leak the smell of the doggish nature to the outer world.

Today I defined the word Nudity, nudity of the writer’s soul in Sri Lanka.

Nudity is most beautiful when it comes in the version of Sri Lankan poetry!


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