People are trapped in history/language?

Can language be redefined using some ideas of mathematics? This was the quest made my mind blowing yesterday after reading an article on linguistic.

“Forty years ago, a physicist asked me what I am engaged in. I answered: “In quantitative linguistics”. “Oh, yes,” he said, “you count letters, don’t you?” I was surprised at his excellent information about the 19th century and said: “No, I never did. I try to find laws in language, just as you try to do in the nature.” Never in my life I saw a face more perplex than his. But since then, the situation changed drastically. Today, there are many physicists counting letters, hoping to find physical laws behind them. And once in a decade they discover that letters behave like mesons and create a wonderful theory. It is not valid, but it is wonderful.”


Sprachwissenschaftliches Institut, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
(Received March 12, 2008)

This article is really thought provoking; as always we heard “two brains are better than one”. When those brains becoming Physics and Linguistics, oops!

But keep in mind this article is much more related to explain computer brain aggregation to human brain; nonetheless, not much making difference, by the way.

Here I will start formulating such model that will help to explain certain things in language or some properties of sign/word, related to the meaning of what we read. I don’t know how exact this exercise but lets do it for the sake of attempting something instead of nothing.

I am sure this new model will take lot of time to put into the order, so be patient.

I did exercise yesterday [omg it was 3 days before now!] keeping myself patience of course, results can’t guaranty. Always we have to redefine, refine, remodel, rethink, rearrange-, re-re-, so on and so on…

First things first.
How can I interpret a sign/word as a geometrical object?
What will be the best way of doing it?


This is the answer came to my mind first. So let’s inject some intrinsic properties of a sign/word into the geometry of the circle. This is the beginning of everything.

Geometrically, if we represent a word by a circle, then the center of the circle will represent the real signification or the meaning or absolute meaning whichever exist of that word or signifier. [hard to happen!]

Let’s say it is the 100% signification of the signified.[but i will explain later this will be a Gaussian Distribution!]

A word has its central meaning/signification. This meaning is related to some other words/signs. These, some of the other words have relation to this central meaning in various degrees. These variations can be assumed as how it representing the central meaning as a probability value. Let’s say word A is related to word B with probability of 85% of converging its meaning into A. this is a realistic assumption that we can relate words each other by their relative probability of explaining each other.

When a word is alone it has the fullest area of meanings or significations. The area is proportional to its number of significations. So the radius is simply showing the power of the significations. More radius more meanings!

Once it is combined with another word suddenly both words will experience a reduction of their common meanings and action of getting together will increase the whole meaning.

there must be a diagram here, alas, i have not prepared it yet, once i draw it perfectly it will show here a CIRCLE! A really big one showing how the things I explained abouve can be visualised.

I need time to make an ellipse too and show the binary oppositions and what mathematics they govern … surely later! that may be little interesting, at least we are trying something to make visual for the conventions of Saussurian linguistic. Whoof!

So enough brain storming now. lets go to a book, just to make sure books will teach us something.

Say someone is about to rectify something happened in the past; of course something in  his past life. So what will be the consequences?
Let’s read a small crap I found all about that. It is another misunderstood word, remarry!

One day, he paid a visit to his wife. He told her he would like to remarry.

Marie-Claude shook her head.

“But a divorce won’t make a difference to you! You won’t lose a thing! I’ll give you all the property!”

“I don’t care about property,” she said.

“Then what do you care about?”

“Love,” she said with a smile.

“Love?” Franz asked in amazement.

“Love is a battle,” said Marie-Claude, still smiling. “And I plan to go on fighting. To the end.”

“Love is a battle?” said Franz. “Well, I don’t feel at all like fighting.” And he left.

The unbearable lightness of being
Milan Kundera
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Two-Disc Special Edition)

So it’s all nice, what a marvelous thing is this life in fact, trapped in a span of life, and history?

People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.
James A. Baldwin

Dictionary vs Diary

A Dictionary will become a Diary if someone is having misunderstood words daily!

Yes that’s true, today I will start with some thought provoking idea [to me it is such; may be for you it will not!], so it is done. Please see the first line again.

How can be a dictionary becoming a diary? Or vice versa.

Dictionary has its own rules of arranging its information. The Alphabet! Yes, everything is ordered in alphabetical order. So there isn’t a fuss.

Is there any possibility to convert a diary into a dictionary?

Yes it is; nobody wants to see it like that, but, all the days once fixed and ordered in the ascending pattern of its Julian alphabet, it will become a dictionary. All the days will contain sequentially; such information of the meanings of what the day resulted to the one who writes the diary!

But why should I take Julian instead of Gregorian? We actually use Gregorian calendar internationally…


May be because Gregorian Alphabet actually exists. :) I think there exists a language called Gregorian. i dont know, pls google it... 

So to avoid confusion being ordering events in a diary following an alphabet that really existing, I choose Julian Alphabet! Come on … give me a brake!

Julian alphabet: is there anything existing called Julian Alphabet?

Here after, it will exist, as I have defined such thing in this blog, but nevertheless you can’t find such anywhere else other than here; you can Google it, if you are not in trust with my word!

Anyway if such thing exist what I called, Julian alphabet, how it will look like? So as I said this is only a thought provoking one; so I am not detailing how to find this Julian dates by numerals. In fact it is a long equation just easy only for a crocodile to digest…

Anyway if such thing exist what I called, Julian alphabet, how it will look like?

4/23/10 Friday
4/24/10 Saturday
4/25/10 Sunday

But I am hiding where it starts or ends… totally misunderstood ends… pardon me.

So, to be honest, may be that is the reason nobody has defined Julian Alphabet yet…
Oh no! , devils are playing where god’s absence, or where the god fears to play there the devil starts dancing. In the absence, God is playing dice, may be.

From start of first day [probably - (1/1/infinity)]

4/23/10 Friday
4/24/10 Saturday
4/25/10 Sunday

To end of the last day [probably + (12/31/infinity)]

12/31/infinity: will this be a Friday? usually we keep everything in peace at the weekend... who can not say world finds its end on a Friday? and what about 1/1/infinity? i know your answer! Monday!!

So the day line is starting from [exactly] January first of minus infinity and ends at December thirty first of plus infinity!

What a great solution for the time paradox or time misunderstood! Who knows, before big bang, whether time existed or not? Till someone disapproves that the time wasn’t exist, I can sleep well with this equation in mind. Big bang happened only 14 billion years ago, just a small fraction of time compared to the infinity!

But nobody knows what infinity is!!

Another misunderstood word. You can just imagine the largest number and add another one into it, so still you are far behind the infinity!!! So don’t try to find infinity, it is a[n] bottomless abyss, yes an abyss.

This teaches us how simple to create a Dictionary but not Diary!

Though, I suggest most beautiful thing lies on this diary is the meaning that we will put into each day. Still it must have some meaning through the journey of life.

"God does not play dice" or "God does not play dice with the universe"

Einstein said these words hearing the Quantum Phenomena governs by the probability. Even though Hawking now little hesitant why he rejected that total idea like this… yes it is a matter of probability finally. It is the only tool still we have to understand the quasi level behavior of existence.

Now the book, I just keep on my eye here:

In order to explain the idea of that I and other people have had about how quantum mechanics may affect the origin and fate of the universe, it is necessary first to understand the generally accepted history of the universe, according to what is known as the ‘hot big bang model’. This assumes that the universe is described by a Friedmann model, right back to the big bang. In such models one finds that as the universe expands any matter or radiation in it gets cooler. (When universe doubles in size, its temperature falls by a half.) Since temperature is simply a measure of the average energy -or speed-of the particles, this cooling of the universe would have a major effect on the matter in it.

A Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawking

A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes

leftist වාමාංසිකයා: His(+S)tory

leftist වාමාංසිකයා: His(+S)tory

I was delaying to report something into this dictionary yesterday even though I was planning the same thing, or again that something, found to be very important to mention here or to write.

When I was as usual browsing through Face Book, I noticed something appeared like scattered scraps of written paragraphs everywhere focus on many different themes, I found all those scraps were written about Evolution, Universe, Intelligent Design bla bla bla… I was really curious what will be the thing that would come out if I put these jigsaw pieces together…!

Of course you can find it here, a veteran Sri Lankan journalist who is now living in United Kingdom, is focusing about some of the most deep and mysterious debates in Science and Philosophy. Please find it out and have some thought. Exchange some reviews with him, may be he needs your opinion too, who knows?

But most importantly what I see in his suggestion of finding some philosophical background to eradicate the great unification of micro and macro theories of universe, the thing called seed-product model, will not support to explain the quantum states of particles trapped in the deep bottom of black hole singularity. Though may be this is another misunderstood word or words related to his ideology. I want to suggest this seed theory must satisfy not only the eradication of jointing mechanism abyss of Quantum Theory and Relativistic Theory but about the quantum states of those poor particles somehow trapped inside the Black Hole. Merging theories which is seem to be impossible and this philosophical seed theory will support to make it possible to reason out why it shouldn’t required to merge , will never support what will be the destiny of the quantum states of the particles who will reside inside the black hole experiencing Quantum Gravity…

Anyway shall we leave it now?

Something has to happen in an extraordinary way to solve a mystery. That’s all for the time being.

Just came to mind this crap of idea…ok I will go through the book where I was stuck last time and will come back within moment… not to forget the book, it is Specters of Marx by Derrida.
Specters of Marx: The State of the Debt, The Work of Mourning & the New International (Routledge Classics)
Someone was writing a nice poem, to his delight or enlightenment. Just another moment He sent it to us. He used email to send that poem, so we got it instantly.

The poem is about a leftist, who has grown in leftist movement in Sri Lanka for few decades of its spectral duration or from the origin mistakenly/mistaken origin of its path in time axis or misunderstood time jargon where we can’t exactly locate the time coordinate of its origin. Yes, but, no! We have an approximation to reach the time there…as always time variable has this property though we can use some use of it. What we have to converge to find this time axis coordinate is to use reverse physics! If this is working properly then we have to see the history or His+story to reach the point. History is always "his" story. Never mind, the poem is something concentrated the whole reality of Marxist Movement of Sri Lanka from its origin to now a day. Chulananda Samaranayaka, a pioneer poet resulted in the freezed struggle which is a part of the reversed physic+ed his+story of Sri Lanka regenerate, recreate his vision, finding words in his most vulnerable syntax and synthetic abilities to manufacture something we could image here with textual feelings reflected on a Leftist.

The point here to mention his poem is not actually to read it loud or deconstruct it thoroughly but spontaneous reactions made upon it were so impressive, even to note a summary here.

Pardon,I have no time at this right moment to post a translation of the poem but at least for Sinhalese readers I will paste it here. May be in some future, yes , some future I will do translate.


පෙලපාලියෙන්ම ගොස්
පොලූ ගසා ධනපති හැත්ත වරිගෙට
පෙලපාලියෙන්ම විත් - මද පමණින්
මැයි පලමුවෙනිදා හවසට
සෝදා රතුම රතු කමිසය
නවාලා පිලිවෙලට
රතුම රතු ධජය සමගින
තැන්පත් කරයි අල්මාරියේ
යටම තට්ටුවේ - යටම රෙද්දටත් යටින්

බිඳින්නට ධනපති බලකොටු
මිට මොළවා නැගූ සුරත
දිගුකර බැතියෙන් එකත්පස්ව
බැඳගෙන පිරිත් නූලක්
අසපුවාසී හිමිනමකගෙන්
තිස්දාහේ සිවුරු පොරවන

මතුරා තුන්වරක්ම
කරණීය මෙත්ත සූත්‍රය
සැතපෙයි මෙත් සිතින්
සියලූ සත්වයෝම නිදුක් වේවායි

උදෑසන හිරු සමග අවදිව
මග හැර රාහු කාලය
අමතයි සීරුවෙන් - තෝර තෝරා වදන්
''සන්ධාන - සභාගේ'' විප්ලවේ ඇමති සඳ
සුදුම සුදු ඇඳ පැලඳ - රතුම රතු වදන් තෙපලන

''උතුරට වසන්තේ
ඔබමය අපේ ජය කොන්තේ
පංතිය කනත්තේ
අපත් මහරජ තුමන් පැත්තේ''

මොන තරම් සුන්දරද ජීවිතේ
පත අට එකට හිඳගත්
කම්කරු සටන් බදුගත්
ක්‍රමයට එරෙහි නඩුගත්
පංති සතුරා සමගත්
මේ යන ගමන හරි වැදගත්

නැගිටුවා සාදුකින් පෙලෙනවුන්
සාදුකම උරුම කරනා උන්
කැන්දාගෙන ඒය අබිමනින්
මාක්ස්, ලෙනින්, කස්ත්‍රෝ, මාඕ
තවත් මදිනම් චාවේස් හියුගෝ

ජයපතා නිර්ධන පංතියට
ගටා මධු බදුන්
අදිරද විරෝධී ස්ථාවරයට
ලෙලවා දයලෙක්තිකේ
පස්වනක් ප්‍රීතියෙන් - අන්තිමේ
පතයි සැමටම මෙත් සිතින්
''බුදු සරණයි!''

චූලානන්ද සමරනායක

 This leftist has his red shirt ready for each May Day celebrations, keeping the suit inside his wardrobe actually in the foremost depth of it under the last linen, and he takes all the glory of preaching the slogans marching with his leaders and at the end he will have a little booze for his tiresome journey. Meantime he will preach the Buddhist slogan of wishing the help of Buddha to overcome his destiny. So at the end he uses to follow both dialectical materialism and Ideological Buddhism for his Liberation. That is the rough content of the poem.

And for sure this is a reading of mine, so somebody else must have another, may be drastically different. Alas!

Regarding a comment made by someone on this poem it suddenly became a little exploration of dialectics and Buddhist philosophical standing.

For the Marxist the philosophy is based on Dialectics of nature which will make the foundation to make it to believe the human capability of changing himself and the capability of him to change the society or any other nature for his liberation is the main regard here. history is made out of all the struggles of mankind.

In contrary the religion in this case Buddhism is based on individual liberation and to attain enlightenment or Nibbana at the end. This is self centered and dialectics is society centered in the means of liberation.

Though the ideas were tranquilizing around the both ideas made to immerge that if science is ideological in its fundamental reasoning will brake down the profundity of dialectics and consequently fail the basis of Marxism literally.

Any way this debate goes on forever. Every other ism is originated from human knowledge has to comparatively attack the Marxism to testify its viability. Because it has in its history had proved its validity even though its short life span on earth, may be this is something that make a huge notion to fight against each other traditionally or is that the misunderstood conception of birth of an ism?

I will return where I was about to quote a book, so here …

It was thus a fault on my part to have put so far out of my memory what was the most manifest thing about the Manifesto. What manifests itself in the first place is a specter, this first paternal character, as powerful as it is unreal, a hallucination or simulacrum that is virtually more actual than what is so blithely called a living presence. Upon rereading the manifesto and a few other great works of Marx, I said to myself that I know of few texts in the philosophical tradition, perhaps none, whose lesson seemed more urgent today, provided that one take into account what Marx end Engels themselves say (for example, in Engels “Preface” to the 1888 re-edition) about their own possible “aging” and their intrinsically irreducible historicity. What other thinker has ever issued a similar warning in such an explicit fashion?

Specters of Marx (pg. 14)

Language: has never started!

“Since the word is inaccurate, it is crossed out. Since it is necessary, it remains legible.”
Translator’s Preface: Of Grammatology, Derrida

Today I am thinking something we debated last night; exactly we debated in the last evening till we were exhausted.

Language, the best tool ever man made and [(n)ever] never ever understood its mechanism!

Someone says the Grammar is the dominant.

And to someone the communication is though...

and to some other one it is almost for action, movement, thought, reflection, consciousness, unconsciousness, experience, affectivity etc.

So what is language?

We can’t end it though it has never started. The sign makes all the difference, who knows exactly?

වචනය සහ දෙය හෝ සිතුවිල්ල කිසි දිනෙක ඒකත්වයට පත් නොවෙයි
ඒ ත්‍රිත්වය කිසි දිනෙක එකක් බවට පත් නොවෙයි

වර්ඩ් ඇන්ඩ් word and
තිං ඕ thing or
තෝට් thought
නෙවර් ඉන් ෆැක්ට් never in fact
බිකම් වන් become one

අපව සිහි කැඳවන we are reminded of
නැවත කියවන්නට යොමු කරවන referred to
වචනවල සම්මුතිය what the convention of words
පොදු එකඟතාවය
කොහොමද ගොඩනගන්නේ sets up as
දෙයක් thing
හෝ or
සිතුවිල්ලක් thought
වචනවලම කිසියම් පිළිවෙලකින්. by a particular arrangement of words.
 The structure of the reference works and can go on working not because of the identity between these two so-called component parts of the sign, but because of their relationship of difference.

The sign marks a place of difference.

Abstracted from Gayatri Spivak, Translator’s Preface: Of Grammatology, Derrida

Of Grammatology

Nudity: A version of poetry

Sabina defines Beauty here in The Unbearable Lightness of Being as:

“Unintentional beauty. Yes. Another way of putting it might be ‘beauty by mistake’. Before beauty disappears entirely from the earth, it will go on existing for a while by mistake. ‘Beauty by mistake’ –the final phase in the history of beauty.”

Yesterday one of our friend send a poem, it’s all about his political paradigm shift and the causes behind that in a metaphoric way. If I say like that, nobody will get the fact what I mean, still some people are not well prepared to catch such a glitchy happening in Sri Lanka, because nobody is bound to a single or minimum betray for Other or outsider, though dual political thought at least for a duration of few days prevails in each individual. It is impossible to find a human who has both feet in a single land nowadays. They all plan for a shift in near future, that’s the phenomena always [this “always” term is only valid till the cabinet is being selected , believe me] apply to the opposition party members in general. Alas this can be proved very easily with one politician; she changed her party in three different “isms” in a single day! Wow!! It’s a record, I mean a Guinness record.

That’s how Sri Lankan political arena, in a glance, behaves before and after an election. I would like to give a "brief" one-to-one translation of the poem [instead of letter to letter , word by word- transliteration] that our fellow send to us and the sudden reaction came over the people, were fascinating though. Many thoughtful ideas left behind, so I decided to copy some of the bombshells came through poetically sudden provocation texts which were originated by the crowd; throw into this post in mimicking something beyond our sensational way. May be that will give enough fun; or can remember joyously; by the way of this rat run today. Isn’t it?

කාල් මාක්ස්ට

යෝධ වලසුන් පෙනේ මට
අප ගොදුරු කරනට එන
නෙත් ලබා දුන්නේ නුඹයි
දකින්නට ඒ මහ ව්‍යසන

වෛරස බැක්ටීරියාවෝ ද
සිටිති තව අපමණ
සියුමුව පෙනී නොපෙනී
සියොලඟම විස පතුරන
ඔබෙන් ලද නෙත් දෙකට හසු නොවන

අන්වීක්ෂද රැගෙන
ආ නමුත් තව අය
වස බැනුම්මය ලැබුනේ
ඔබේ අඳ බැතියන්ගෙන්

මහ වලස් අතවර
නොපෙනෙන සතුරන්ට පවරා
වලස් රැළ සුරකින
ප්‍රතිගාමී වලස් ගැත්තෝ...

අසා දැනගත්තේ මම
ඔබ‍ට නොපෙනුන
බැක්ටීරියාවන්ගේ වැඩ ගැන

ඉසුරු ප්‍රසංග

To Karl Marx

Seems to me great bears
Who come to hunt us
You gave eyes
To see those great disasters

Virus and bacteria
More than exist unaccountably
Sharply illusions; hide and seek
Will spread venom in whole body
Your given eyes can’t see

Bringing microscopes
Some other came across
Were drained in lingo
Of your blind followers

Harassment of great bears
Turn the faith onto unobservant
The great bear’s protectors
Anti-communist bear followers

From, though, anti-communists
Taught me about virus and bacteria
Which you couldn’t see
Their activity in discourse

Isuru Prasanga

Poem dictates the metaphor of Karl Marx to signify the proletariat class’s obvious most active leadership in Sri Lanka, the previous standing party of the poet and his experience in leaving that stand and entering into another party of which headed by another big one who left the same party on many disciplinary disputes and betrayals due to his stubborn uses of his fame as the head of the party’s educational sector and major public speaker. This really depicts where the poet is standing now and its consequences related to whitewash his distinguish predator and making opportunity to take advantage of his capability to clear the path to the higher levels of his personal carrier. This was the central debated idea circulated among the astonishing email exchange by the way in various forms of expressions.

I will illustrate some of the reactions down here. Enjoy!

From Koombiya:

මේක හරි අපූරු කාලයක්...
අශ්වයෝ කවි ලියන
කවියෝ රේස් දුවන.....

අනේ කාල් මාක්ස්
මට දෙන්න ඔක්සිජන් ඩිංගක්....

මෙහෙමයි... ඉසුරුට තමන් ළඟම ඉන්න මෙගා සයිස් කැණහිලාව පේන්නෙ නෑ... අන්වීක්ෂ බයිනොකියුලර් නැතුවට අපිටනං සතාව පේනවා මචෝ... ඇත්තටම උඹලා මේ වගේ කවි ලියද්දි අපිට හරිම විනෝදයි මචං...

කොහොමහරි ඔය කොළා වගේ තව ටිකක් කඩේ ගිහිල්ලා විමල් වීරවංශව ජනාධිපති කරගනිං... එතකොට අපිට පුළුවං උඹේ මේ වගේ කවි ඉස්කෝලවල පාඩම් පොත් වලින් අපේ ළමයින්ට කියලා දෙන්න....

සුබ පැතුම් ඉසුරු.... සුබ පැතුම්....!!!

My dear,
This is a fantastic time…
Horses writing poems
Poets running races…

Alas, Karl Marx
Give me a bit of Oxygen

Well… Isuru cant see the Megha Sized fox near to him… we can see the animal even without microscopes or binocurlars machan… really we enjoy to the fullest reading your poems in this sense machan…

Anyway the way you did so far , continue the same and make Wimal Weerawansha the next president… then of course we can teach these nature of your poems to our children once they come in the printed form of the government text books.

Come on! wish you good luck!

Isuru Prasanga said:
එක එක්කෙනාට එක එක සත්තුන්ව එක එක විදිහට පේනවා අපි ඔහොම බලාගෙන ඉමු
Various people will see differently each animal, So we stare on!

Malathi Ambrose said:
හැබැයි සතා සතාමයි ...නේද ඉසුරු ? :)
By the way animal remains same …isn’t it Isuru? 

Koombiya said:
විමල් ගැන කියද්දි උඹ හරි ආඳා නේ? (හිනා)
හරි හරී ගේම ගහගනිං ජීවත් වෙන්ඩත් එපැයි කොල්ලෙක් වුනහම...

You will easily slip off when it is about Wimal ha? (laughing)
Ok ok carry on your game, there must be some way to live your life making use of your youth isn’t it?

Isuru Prasanga said:
එහෙමත් නැත්නම් ඔයාලගෙ විප්ලවීය දේසපාලනයෙන් විප්ලවීය කවි වලින් විප්ලවීය් බූන්දි වලින් කැනහිලා පරාජය කරන්න;;; අපේ සුබ පැතුම්; ජයවෙවා

In the other hand you can do your revolutionary politics and revolutionary poems and revolutionary Boondi to eradicate the fox [the beast], our best wishes, bravo!


Beyond this point it was so clinical and pointless seem to be the outcomes hence we will stop this drama in this point but enough joyance is there to enjoy!

This is the brief scenario of the contemporary poets, writers and artists in Sri Lanka. They need to sleep with the dog and soon after they want to make up themselves and perfumed themselves that not to leak the smell of the doggish nature to the outer world.

Today I defined the word Nudity, nudity of the writer’s soul in Sri Lanka.

Nudity is most beautiful when it comes in the version of Sri Lankan poetry!




[wait i am not ready!]

1. Doubt about the truth of something
2. The disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge


mental rejection

This is how it is written and defined in the most usefully ever made computer program helping me in writing in the computer, wordweb says about skepticism in first glance.

My first attempt of looking a meaning of a rarely meeting word starts from this small pragmatic program which gives me enough meaning all the time to fulfill my curiosity. But nevertheless this isn’t sufficient when I am coming back to my desk with some notes from Hegel. Isn't it so cute to mention Hegel here ?
The Accessible Hegel

Or if I have started to listen a lecture on the web … Skepticism, Naturalism, and Nihilism in Hegel’s Early Jena Writings of course the meaning of the skepticism merging with many many words in a vanishing singularity. It will become a discourse merely clean cut with the dictionary definition.

Though I want to see how skepticism enters into my thoughts is the most important thing to me. When I was very first encountering this word is sometimes back in my university time when I was starting to read philosophy for my curiosity. Those were the days that my life was determined by the leaders of the student union and their leaders reside outside the campus. It was merely a chain of commandments. It was the time we were parallel swimmers of the knowledge ocean. What made really on us was to surf tons of books in the library to research bulk knowledge on Marxism, was I writing it right? Yes that was the time we were in deep study of the roots of Marxism and social reforming strategies. We were freely surfing through the clouds of words and manifestos.

I really learnt the skepticism not from a scrap of book but it was the time our whole life is very much undetermined, uncertain and finally full of skeptical!

We never knew what the real truth was, still I don’t , and what we have to trust at the end of the day.

So my skepticism has more meaning than what it means to you.

A Short Dictinary of Misunderstood Words?

Yesterday I was thinking something that I wanted to report it somewhere. So this scrap was saved somewhere till I start this blog today:

“Brain contains grey matter similar to the deep space containing dark matter. More or less both of these entities having in common are the theoretical basis of its nature to explain it. The Quantum Theory. Once professor Penrose highlights the conscious mind is a result of mechanical properties of grey matter in Quantum Scale. Professor Penrose argues that the arguments made on similarity of digital data saved in a hard disk, the analogy of raising memory based on digital data or one zero encoding or binary system is not valid to the brain, to explain its nature and mechanisms in primordial sense. It’s rather very much complicated than what we are thinking of it.”

Anyway I find misread the facts continuously; the way we are looking at things and their interpretation rather different or deep but surely they are always misunderstood and it makes so much fun to entangle these words and words forever…
I will try to redefine many words misunderstood by me in my short life span that already passed giving me new understanding to many other words and things called words.
[I would be greatful to Milan Kundera for writing The Unbearable Lightness of Being: A Novel. From which i found the title of this blog when i was thinking about a suitable one for me for a long time. Yes, It was a long time since I first read the NOVEL!]
The Unbearable Lightness of Being: A Novel

Finally I would be happy to show off a sketch made by my hand totally misunderstood fingers and images. Those lines may behave to show you two lovers bathing in a tub… I don’t know what really does it mean either.