A Short Dictinary of Misunderstood Words?

Yesterday I was thinking something that I wanted to report it somewhere. So this scrap was saved somewhere till I start this blog today:

“Brain contains grey matter similar to the deep space containing dark matter. More or less both of these entities having in common are the theoretical basis of its nature to explain it. The Quantum Theory. Once professor Penrose highlights the conscious mind is a result of mechanical properties of grey matter in Quantum Scale. Professor Penrose argues that the arguments made on similarity of digital data saved in a hard disk, the analogy of raising memory based on digital data or one zero encoding or binary system is not valid to the brain, to explain its nature and mechanisms in primordial sense. It’s rather very much complicated than what we are thinking of it.”

Anyway I find misread the facts continuously; the way we are looking at things and their interpretation rather different or deep but surely they are always misunderstood and it makes so much fun to entangle these words and words forever…
I will try to redefine many words misunderstood by me in my short life span that already passed giving me new understanding to many other words and things called words.
[I would be greatful to Milan Kundera for writing The Unbearable Lightness of Being: A Novel. From which i found the title of this blog when i was thinking about a suitable one for me for a long time. Yes, It was a long time since I first read the NOVEL!]
The Unbearable Lightness of Being: A Novel

Finally I would be happy to show off a sketch made by my hand totally misunderstood fingers and images. Those lines may behave to show you two lovers bathing in a tub… I don’t know what really does it mean either.

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