You got talent Lishan, I mean it!

It is wonderful to see the background of “Short Dictionary of Misunderstood Words” decorated with Hegel, Lacan and Zizek. This wonderful layout was created by Lishan; I am so indebted to him. From a short request, he has painted full of his marvel on this pixel wall just the background of all the text is hanging on.

The development of this theme is quite an interesting story. I was in mind to put Zizek’s picture in the background just because I wanted a small pleasure of showing him in deep silence, as we all well aware that he is a public intellectual and make lot of noises all around the world. So I wanted him to show here bit silenced. In the mean time I wanted to show him as my most favorite writer, philosopher , critic, actor, presenter, speaker, lecturer, etc. may be we can put joker as well. He is quite humorous in most of his speeches, and people pay for his jokes when they are coming in books. This isn’t my idea, but Zizek’s.

Once the layout presented for the first time, not to mention the first version, Zizek was in the God’s position and posing a similar stance at reader while he is lying on a bed. Just this made my total aspect of keeping him in background a little nightmare and I asked Lishan to work it out a bit again to dissolve his gaze on the reader.

Second version came with the similar grid of pictures of Zizek himself again appearing in tiles whole background giving the same effect of Zizek’s authority; I was really frightened to keep such background, probably anyone seldom visiting this site might get the first impression that this blog belongs to Zizek. I never think if he might keep a blog in any known world to us, will never put his face there like we did here. Zizek is very much narcissistic on papers and books what he had written so far, but he doesn’t agree with the publishers of his articles on the past about one thing. How he appears on caricatures or cartoons; make him so upset and he depicts it the way he appears mostly on photographs like a criminal. This is a very ridiculous idea just Zizek keep in his mind or just kidding with.

Finally I got an idea of dissolving Zizek’s power over the blog background by keeping the 3x3 picture grid of Zizek to reduce dispersing Hegel, Lacan and Zizek in 2x1+2x1+5x1 proportion.

So the theme came on this form.

In the mean time I will put here my last conversation with Lishan:

This is quite interesting. :) I cannot say much about the difference of the previous to this one, again Zizek is now in a more hidden obscene dimension; rather dangerously interacting. Anyway if you commit little additional time on this, I can suggest simple solution to scatter the strength of Zizek over the background. 


I suggest you to put couple of pics of Hegel and Lacan and mixing those with rest to become it simply a balanced blog background, of course merging Hegel and Lacan into one, you can easily create Zizek, that's the real truth. ;)

Will you make this modification for the last?”

Lishan wrote me back:

“Done :)

“That is wonderful, excellent! You got talent Lishan, I mean it! :)”

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