leftist වාමාංසිකයා: His(+S)tory

leftist වාමාංසිකයා: His(+S)tory

I was delaying to report something into this dictionary yesterday even though I was planning the same thing, or again that something, found to be very important to mention here or to write.

When I was as usual browsing through Face Book, I noticed something appeared like scattered scraps of written paragraphs everywhere focus on many different themes, I found all those scraps were written about Evolution, Universe, Intelligent Design bla bla bla… I was really curious what will be the thing that would come out if I put these jigsaw pieces together…!

Of course you can find it here, a veteran Sri Lankan journalist who is now living in United Kingdom, is focusing about some of the most deep and mysterious debates in Science and Philosophy. Please find it out and have some thought. Exchange some reviews with him, may be he needs your opinion too, who knows?

But most importantly what I see in his suggestion of finding some philosophical background to eradicate the great unification of micro and macro theories of universe, the thing called seed-product model, will not support to explain the quantum states of particles trapped in the deep bottom of black hole singularity. Though may be this is another misunderstood word or words related to his ideology. I want to suggest this seed theory must satisfy not only the eradication of jointing mechanism abyss of Quantum Theory and Relativistic Theory but about the quantum states of those poor particles somehow trapped inside the Black Hole. Merging theories which is seem to be impossible and this philosophical seed theory will support to make it possible to reason out why it shouldn’t required to merge , will never support what will be the destiny of the quantum states of the particles who will reside inside the black hole experiencing Quantum Gravity…

Anyway shall we leave it now?

Something has to happen in an extraordinary way to solve a mystery. That’s all for the time being.

Just came to mind this crap of idea…ok I will go through the book where I was stuck last time and will come back within moment… not to forget the book, it is Specters of Marx by Derrida.
Specters of Marx: The State of the Debt, The Work of Mourning & the New International (Routledge Classics)
Someone was writing a nice poem, to his delight or enlightenment. Just another moment He sent it to us. He used email to send that poem, so we got it instantly.

The poem is about a leftist, who has grown in leftist movement in Sri Lanka for few decades of its spectral duration or from the origin mistakenly/mistaken origin of its path in time axis or misunderstood time jargon where we can’t exactly locate the time coordinate of its origin. Yes, but, no! We have an approximation to reach the time there…as always time variable has this property though we can use some use of it. What we have to converge to find this time axis coordinate is to use reverse physics! If this is working properly then we have to see the history or His+story to reach the point. History is always "his" story. Never mind, the poem is something concentrated the whole reality of Marxist Movement of Sri Lanka from its origin to now a day. Chulananda Samaranayaka, a pioneer poet resulted in the freezed struggle which is a part of the reversed physic+ed his+story of Sri Lanka regenerate, recreate his vision, finding words in his most vulnerable syntax and synthetic abilities to manufacture something we could image here with textual feelings reflected on a Leftist.

The point here to mention his poem is not actually to read it loud or deconstruct it thoroughly but spontaneous reactions made upon it were so impressive, even to note a summary here.

Pardon,I have no time at this right moment to post a translation of the poem but at least for Sinhalese readers I will paste it here. May be in some future, yes , some future I will do translate.


පෙලපාලියෙන්ම ගොස්
පොලූ ගසා ධනපති හැත්ත වරිගෙට
පෙලපාලියෙන්ම විත් - මද පමණින්
මැයි පලමුවෙනිදා හවසට
සෝදා රතුම රතු කමිසය
නවාලා පිලිවෙලට
රතුම රතු ධජය සමගින
තැන්පත් කරයි අල්මාරියේ
යටම තට්ටුවේ - යටම රෙද්දටත් යටින්

බිඳින්නට ධනපති බලකොටු
මිට මොළවා නැගූ සුරත
දිගුකර බැතියෙන් එකත්පස්ව
බැඳගෙන පිරිත් නූලක්
අසපුවාසී හිමිනමකගෙන්
තිස්දාහේ සිවුරු පොරවන

මතුරා තුන්වරක්ම
කරණීය මෙත්ත සූත්‍රය
සැතපෙයි මෙත් සිතින්
සියලූ සත්වයෝම නිදුක් වේවායි

උදෑසන හිරු සමග අවදිව
මග හැර රාහු කාලය
අමතයි සීරුවෙන් - තෝර තෝරා වදන්
''සන්ධාන - සභාගේ'' විප්ලවේ ඇමති සඳ
සුදුම සුදු ඇඳ පැලඳ - රතුම රතු වදන් තෙපලන

''උතුරට වසන්තේ
ඔබමය අපේ ජය කොන්තේ
පංතිය කනත්තේ
අපත් මහරජ තුමන් පැත්තේ''

මොන තරම් සුන්දරද ජීවිතේ
පත අට එකට හිඳගත්
කම්කරු සටන් බදුගත්
ක්‍රමයට එරෙහි නඩුගත්
පංති සතුරා සමගත්
මේ යන ගමන හරි වැදගත්

නැගිටුවා සාදුකින් පෙලෙනවුන්
සාදුකම උරුම කරනා උන්
කැන්දාගෙන ඒය අබිමනින්
මාක්ස්, ලෙනින්, කස්ත්‍රෝ, මාඕ
තවත් මදිනම් චාවේස් හියුගෝ

ජයපතා නිර්ධන පංතියට
ගටා මධු බදුන්
අදිරද විරෝධී ස්ථාවරයට
ලෙලවා දයලෙක්තිකේ
පස්වනක් ප්‍රීතියෙන් - අන්තිමේ
පතයි සැමටම මෙත් සිතින්
''බුදු සරණයි!''

චූලානන්ද සමරනායක

 This leftist has his red shirt ready for each May Day celebrations, keeping the suit inside his wardrobe actually in the foremost depth of it under the last linen, and he takes all the glory of preaching the slogans marching with his leaders and at the end he will have a little booze for his tiresome journey. Meantime he will preach the Buddhist slogan of wishing the help of Buddha to overcome his destiny. So at the end he uses to follow both dialectical materialism and Ideological Buddhism for his Liberation. That is the rough content of the poem.

And for sure this is a reading of mine, so somebody else must have another, may be drastically different. Alas!

Regarding a comment made by someone on this poem it suddenly became a little exploration of dialectics and Buddhist philosophical standing.

For the Marxist the philosophy is based on Dialectics of nature which will make the foundation to make it to believe the human capability of changing himself and the capability of him to change the society or any other nature for his liberation is the main regard here. history is made out of all the struggles of mankind.

In contrary the religion in this case Buddhism is based on individual liberation and to attain enlightenment or Nibbana at the end. This is self centered and dialectics is society centered in the means of liberation.

Though the ideas were tranquilizing around the both ideas made to immerge that if science is ideological in its fundamental reasoning will brake down the profundity of dialectics and consequently fail the basis of Marxism literally.

Any way this debate goes on forever. Every other ism is originated from human knowledge has to comparatively attack the Marxism to testify its viability. Because it has in its history had proved its validity even though its short life span on earth, may be this is something that make a huge notion to fight against each other traditionally or is that the misunderstood conception of birth of an ism?

I will return where I was about to quote a book, so here …

It was thus a fault on my part to have put so far out of my memory what was the most manifest thing about the Manifesto. What manifests itself in the first place is a specter, this first paternal character, as powerful as it is unreal, a hallucination or simulacrum that is virtually more actual than what is so blithely called a living presence. Upon rereading the manifesto and a few other great works of Marx, I said to myself that I know of few texts in the philosophical tradition, perhaps none, whose lesson seemed more urgent today, provided that one take into account what Marx end Engels themselves say (for example, in Engels “Preface” to the 1888 re-edition) about their own possible “aging” and their intrinsically irreducible historicity. What other thinker has ever issued a similar warning in such an explicit fashion?

Specters of Marx (pg. 14)

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