to my dear daughter...

Dear Daughter Livini,

Just after a long time I am writing to you. Hope everything is fine with you.

As I said last time, if you are not reading books much, what would have happened to you will be the same what had happened to your Podi Ammi; just live like a vegetable. No comments, no ideas, no values, no comparison, no analysis, no options, no answers, no responses, no creativity, no enjoyment, no judgment, no anger, no feeling and etc. etc.

Sometimes vegetables are better than ignorant people.

So, what you have to do is commit more time to read books whatever comes across to you. Don’t worry about what you are reading, but read it in very deep sense, line by line. This will make your imagination grow.

Think, if you start thinking about the universe now in the age of 12, when you are becoming my age, you probably have thoughts of 30 years old about the universe! For sure, those thoughts will be mature than anyone in your age at that future time. So, if you start reading something now, it will become more historical in your mind with time flows into future.

Keep in mind that, things we put in to our minds will be kept always live, unconsciously, I mean without our knowledge, making many connections inside the brain, with other ideas. So once we need the thing what we learned by reading something, this will come back with many other new ideas interwoven with it, by nature. This is sometimes very helpful to solve problems. We should deeply think about a problem and let it think about itself later while in sleep, will make it solved itself during our sleeping time and the answer will come to mind once you wake up from the sleep. This is very sure thing that you can experiment with.

That is why we need good sleep to keep our brain little rest. Brain is busy even when we are sleeping. So the brain itself thinks for you and solves most of your day to day problems without acknowledging you. This process hence we call it unconscious. Conscious means that we do think putting an effort, but unconscious will think without your effort.

So make sure, that effortless thinking nature in brain, to make use for your life.
So start reading “Sophie’s World”. That is the best book I can recommend to a small girl like you to read at this age. That book will implant many new questions in your mind, at this young age and will surely give answers from your unconscious mind whenever you need it in future, consciously.


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Good advice to all! ...

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